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A Web Development Company is basically a company that is involved in the job of creating and development of a website for the internet. A Web Development Company makes sure that it handles the entire work, right from building the idea of the website, to its creation, and then maintaining its content and quality. Commercialization has completely taken over the world of the internet; from large business, organizations to even small scale businesses, every other enterprise is looking for a good Web development company to build their e-commerce websites, for expansion, advertisement, and doorstep sale of their products.

What does a Web Development Company do?

There are several tasks that are involved in the course of Web development, and a Web development company synchronizes all its actions towards constructing a proper website that can facilitate all the requirements of the client’s business. From creating a simple interactive interface to complex-structured application software, Web development companies provide as per the client’s business needs.

What is the process of a Web Development Company?

Since Web development is the non-designing part of the development of a website, so, there are quite a bunch of tasks involved in the process of Website development.

Coding/Programming: There’s a lot of coding involved in the process of developing a proper website. Coding from the client’s side, then from the server’s side, requires a great deal of work and time. Along with this, there’s also the programming behind developing a database for the website. Web Development companies hire professional programmers and software engineers to perform the coding aspect of web development.

Content Management System: There’s a lot of content that goes up on a website’s interface, right from the texts, to the audio files, to the photos and videos. Everything that goes up on the display requires proper management since the user will interact with it in the later phase.

Server and Network Security: Just like any other physical store, even websites require security and safety measures. The Web Development Company makes sure that the website it develops for the client is safe from all kinds of intrusion. This requires specialized professionals to write appropriate codes for the security of the server and the website.

What are the new technologies a Web Development company uses?

Web Development has absolutely transformed the landscape of e-commerce. And the trends and technologies in the purview of Web development are changing drastically. 

Some of the newest and advanced frameworks that are being used in the Web development industry are:

  • Symfony
  • Angularjs by Google
  • Laravel
  • Rails 5
  • Meteor
  • Bootstrap
  • Ionic
  • Node.js
  • Django
  • Ember.js

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