How to Rank in Local SEO | Local SEO Ranking Factors

Do you want to get ranked in Local SEO? Then you are in the right place. Come and let’s learn how you can optimize your Google My Business Listings. 

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a practice where you can achieve search engine rankings within your local audience reach. This is extremely popular among local businesses like dentists, local store, medical clinics, antique shops, etc. It helps people promote their businesses within their targeted location. 

Local SEO Ranking Factors


Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) marketing is a great way to achieve your business goals and promote your products and services. 

Local SEO is a practice that pulls out a great number of search rankings that helps you in achieving your targeted goals. The goals can be whatever depending on your business needs. Let’s move further, To help you get 80% of organic visitors to your site. Here are some of the key factors that will help you to create your own strategy:

Optimize Google My Business
To optimize your Google business listing account you need to login to your GMB via Google account so that you can create and verify your Google My Business Page. Once your business page can be verified you have now the access to optimize your listing by placing your business citations like business names, categories, labels, taglines, etc.

Test your GMB Listing

After creating your Google business listing you always need to test that with proper business citations especially “the label part” which are your keywords like:

  • local dietitian in “your location”
  • florist in “your location”
  • electronic store “your location”

So you can target these type of keywords in your business name and description.

Also, make sure to include:

  • The name of your business
  • Address
  • Primary phone number
  • Geographical Sitemap 

Local SEO Tools 

Now that we’ve covered how to optimize your Google My Business Listing lets explore some of the useful local SEO tools that can help you to be more productive and improve your rankings

  • Whitespark Local Citation Finder
  • Moz Local
  • Brightlocal
  • Yext
  • Yelp

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