Effective SEO Strategies to Drive Organic Traffic to Your Site In 2019

Being successful in SEO is every business’s dream that can’t be easily successful. So to be successful in business whether its small, medium or large? You have to follow some of the most effective, modern and updated SEO strategies which I am going to explain for you.

On Page Optimization

When it comes to on-page optimization we always think of optimizing our website which is necessary. On page changes cover meta tags, alt tags, adding attractive images, videos, embedding slides, etc. There’s more than that, like optimizing your social media channels using SEO friendly page titles which also helps you not only in getting rank in search engines but also helps you in getting more engagement on social media platforms.

Link Building

Link building is very essential to gain quality backlinks. I early days of SEO getting textual links was a common practice, So everybody starts creating spammy backlinks and then Google Penguin update rolls out in order to remove websites from search results those were trying to create unnatural links from low-quality sites. SO it is always advisable to make backlinks from high-authority and relevant sites.

Here are some forms of Link building activities that you can add in your SEO checklist:

Profile Creation

Social Bookmarking Sites

Guest Posting

Blog Submission

Slide Sharing


Video Sharing

Social Sharing

Note: Always try to create anchor text in more natural form rather than exact match.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is very important when it comes to SEO. You can rank if you have the right keyword research strategy. So in order to find the right keyword for your product or service, first you need to know that if you have a new website then you are not going to rank on high competition keywords. For example:

Your product is “NYC Plumbers” and if you are trying to rank on the same keyword which has 10X more search volume and high competition then it is impossible for you to rank as well.

The solution is finding long tail keywords from keyword planner with at least 100-1K search volume/month and low competition which helps you ranks easily.

Add Blog to your site

Adding a blog to your site is definitely the best option for increasing organic traffic. The blog acts as the secondary source of relevant traffic on your site which leads to an increase in returning visitors. Find long tail keywords and write relevant blog posts and interlink with your targeted pages.

Stay active on the latest SEO updates and trends

As you know that search engines are evolving every second. To maintain relevant search results these search engines release their updates more frequently. To know more about these updates you can Follow these channels:


Search Engine Land

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