Best Pest Control Services in Kuwait

Best Pest Control Services in Kuwait

Kuwait International Pest Control Co (kipc) – Hawally

Kuwait International Pest Control Company is one of the leading Pest Control Companies in the State of Kuwait, providing pest control services to commercial, residential and industrial premises. We offer complete protection services against health-destroying insects and rodents, our pest control program is committed to providing a pest-free environment for your home, office, commercial, industrial and institutional properties.

Address: Al Awathi Building, Block 20, Tunisi Street, Hawally, Hawalli Governorate, Kuwait

Phone: +965 22623136, +965 97535585


Termo Pest – Hawally

TERMOPEST has been providing quality Pest & Vector Management Service based on integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques to commercial and residential clients for years in Kuwait. Our commitment to providing the highest quality service at a fair price has earned us the reputation of being a true industry leader in Kuwait. We keep our entire organization abreast of Kuwait laws, assuring strict adherence to the regulatory authorities. 

Address: Hawally, Hawalli Governorate, Kuwait

Phone: +965 22640003, +965 97983094, +965 22640004


Vanguard Pest Control Company – Farwaniya

Vanguard Pest Control Company has been in business with the ambitions to be the number one pest control company in the region. Vanguard Pest Control inaugurated with a bright vision of delivering the best services to its clientage. Vanguard Pest Control Company is devoted to saving mankind from harmful insects. Vanguard Pest Control Company operations are located throughout Kuwait. Vanguard Pest Control Company has also plan to establish other branches in Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Dubai and other regional countries in the second phase. Our company services residential and commercial accounts alike to control all types of crawling pests, and rodents. We also use a variety of machines to control flying insects such as mosquitoes and flies. Other services we provide include termite inspections and corrective work as well as termite pre-treatments. Our organization is unconditionally committed to providing the most effective pest control services with an earnest concern for our environment. Vanguard Pest Control Company has always stressed the importance of knowing our customers personally and offering thorough and tailored service. Vanguard Pest Control Company is committed to a standard of excellence in the products and services that it provides its customers. The employees of vanguard Pest Control Company participate in the efforts to meet this commitment and to achieve a standard of excellence. Vanguard Pest Control Company has spent too much time in developing a good relationship with our customers. Our customers are valuable to us, as, without them, we would have no business. Vanguard Pest Control Company believes in a partnership relationship with its clients, we extend this relationship to the community where we live and work. Vanguard Pest Control Company has an aim to supports charity organizations with your help. Vanguard Pest Control Company is underway to become a member of the International Pest Management Associations and Certified Pest Control Organizations.

Address: Office No .3, 4th Floor, Rawiya Complex, Farwaniya, Al Farwaniyah Governorate, Kuwait

Phone: +965 97336825, +965 90047536, +965 24756197


Gulf Chemical Co W.l.l – Shuwaikh

Gulf Chemicals Company was established in the year 1968 and since then has been providing pest control services to various facilities all over Kuwait. Gulf Chemicals Company is able to survey your particular problems and design a specific control plan and execute it swiftly and economically. Pest Control is a service regulated by the Ministry of Health in Kuwait and the law requires a pest control company to have the following: 1. Company License to perform pest control service. 2. Company License to store and stock insecticides, pesticides and rodenticides. 3. Licensed and qualified Health Inspector We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as one of the leading pest control company in Kuwait. Gulf Chemicals Co was established in Kuwait in 1968 with a vision towards the future and was the first company to be licensed in Kuwait to provide pest control services, and thus becoming a leader in the field of pest control with experiences spanning over four decades as a premier service provider for various facilities in Kuwait. Gulf Chemicals Co. utilizes the experience of professional well trained technical staff, that apply strictly and result-oriented procedures developed over years of practical experience to identify, resolve and prevent pest related problems, combined with unmatched technical expertise, first rated pest control materials, and state of the art equipment, Gulf Chemicals Co. ensures a pest-free environment for its clients. A pest-free environment is a healthy sustainable environment. Pests, Rodents, Fungus and Termites are a threat to our environment transmitting diseases hazardous to the health, and causing damage to infrastructure jeopardizing the sustainability of buildings and overall create an inconvenient environment. The requirement of each client is different, and Gulf Chemicals Co guarantees your satisfaction by providing a tailored solution to your specific needs and requirements. The diverse capabilities and vast experience of Gulf Chemicals Co allows a result-oriented solution and prevention procedure customized to your specific requirement, whether it is a specific pest problem, or a comprehensive protection and control plan. We are providing pest control services to facilities such as hotels, restaurants, fast-food chains, caterings, hospitals, supermarkets, showrooms, complexes, buildings, apartments, factories, villas, camps, rigs, staff accommodations, shops, offices, warehouses and so on.

Address: Industrial Area, Block G, Jeena Street, Building no. 26, Street 20, Shuwaikh, Capital Governorate, Kuwait

Phone: +965 24832441, +965 99610226


Verminex Pest CONTROL

Since 1991, Verminex has been the pioneer in setting standards for effective Pest Control Management in Kuwait. We strive to provide our customer with the latest and most effective Pest Control Services varying from Hospitals, Warehousing, Palaces, Resorts, Shopping Malls, Theatres, Supermarkets, Restaurants, Spa’s and Hotels. Verminex has associated itself with various international distributors in providing the latest health care products in line with WHO and HACCP.

Address: Salem Al Mubarak Street, Mariam Complex, 22060, Salmiya, Hawalli Governorate, Kuwait

Phone: +965 25741115, +965 25741116, +965 25741117


Alhesn Pest Control

Amana Dental is one of the leaders of excellence in dental care in Kuwait. Their experienced doctors aim to deliver healthy and confident smiles for everyone in an ethical environment. They provide a comprehensive range of specialised dental services under one roof in a new state-of-the-art facility.

Address: Salmiya, Hawalli Governorate, Kuwait

Phone: +965 51328464, +965 66064023


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